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The Major Advantages of Having an SSL Certified Website

So, what is an SSL? For starters, it stands for ‘secured sockets layer’, which is a type of security applied to websites to enhance its overall security aspects. Websites of businesses like online shopping websites recommend/require SSL certification because they need to maintain the personal database of the information of customers.  Websites that maintain sensitive information such as: Phone numbers, Names, Addresses; Bank or credit card information and other essential details, need to have the resources for being safe and secure.


How does SSL benefit your website?


  • It provides security and protects information


SSL allows the encryption of information and that is a huge key. When information passes through many systems, the chances of a third party gaining access to that information are high. If your website is protected with SSL, it encodes the information, which can be decoded only by the intended party that has the key. Therefore, even if the information ends up in the wrong hands, there will not be any loss or damage.


  • It is essential for regulating payment procedures


If you website needs to accept payment without using a third party processor (stripe, paypal, ect.), then it needs to  meet the criteria of the Payment Card Industry and having an SSL certification is one of them. Customers should feel safe while entering their personal details and card details on a website. In order to ensure that, SSL certification is mandatory – this also goes for taking employment application information or bank information for processing payments manually/re-occuringly.


  • Helps in providing authentication


When your website is secured with SSL, the “http” protocol will change to “https”. This means that any customer visiting your website will immediately understand that and feel safe to navigate. Besides that, you also get the server certificate, which is a proof that your website’s SSL certificate provider is authentic and can be trusted.   You have the option of putting this certificate on your site, in addition, there will be a Pad Lock symbol next to your websites url indicating that is it safe.


  • It protects your website from phishing


Phishing poses a danger to every website where personal and confidential information are maintained. Personal details, credit card number, passwords, SSN’s and other important information can be obtained by phishing. Apart from this, phishing can also make a perfect replica of your website and when customers enter their details, the information can be accessed easily. Your website has a better chance to get more views when it is SSL certified. This will eventually improve the website ranks.


SSL certification is especially important for business websites. It not only secures it but also improves its audience and Google rankings. Hence, get your website SSL certified and both you and your customers will be benefited.




Google prefers sites that are trusted and fully certified simply because users are guaranteed when visitng and trusted and certified SSL site their information will be encrypted with the proper secrity necessary to protect their information.  Basically, when your site gets an SSL certificate, you become a trusted third party, according to Google, and when obtaining this status, not only do your customers/clients feel safer, but Google also then boosts your sites ranking signal as it recieves the “HTTPS” stamp of approval.  So, essentially, having an SSL certificate on your site, its just overall good for the health and wellness of your website, whether you’re doing e-commerce or simply providing information; but most of all, boost your sites SEO performance by becoming a trust third party, and increases in value and ranking value as HTTPS sites become an industry standard.