2017 Social Media Trends

Social media is the center of digital marketing.  Social media is constantly evolving and there is no end to it and will never be! The world of social media brings many new platforms and websites that basically connect people around the world. Every year some of the new social media trends come up and new trends also increase the count of social media users – this year, 2 billion social media users are expected.

Some of the social media trends that will evolve in 2017:

  • Buy buttons on Facebook

Now no longer mobile users have to navigate from Facebook app to purchase a product or service. With the buy button option, they will be able to purchase instantly and that may be anything that interest them, product or service. There are many marketers who advertise their products or services on Facebook and they are surely going to benefit from this option. But to make your ad unique in your potential customer’s new feed there are some points that should be considered.

  • Use of attractive product photos and lifestyle photos
  • Posts have to be catchy, short and to the point
  • Images should not have more than 20 percent text
  • Keep your text up to 90 characters
  • Live streaming on social media

The other thing that has changed and will keep on changing the face of social media is live streaming of videos. If your company has seminars or organizing nay live events then make sure that you consider live streaming as a part of social media strategy. There are many live video apps like Periscope, Ustream, Livestream, and much more are growing at a faster pace. In fact, in 2016 Periscope got 10 million users just in 5 months.

With the increasing use of Smartphone, live video is a great tool to use for enhancing engagement of viewers. Users are fond of watching live videos as compared to recorded video. In 2017 the Smartphone use will increase all the more and for some marketers, Live Streaming will be the best way to way to attract the potential audience.

  • Videos on Social Media platform

Studies say that 50 percent of Facebook users watch at least one video. So no doubt image post on Facebook increases marketer’s reach but video post has greater reach as compared to image post. From now until 2019, there will be millions of videos shared among users and it will attract 80 percent of the traffic.

  • Social Media channels will become mandatory platforms for growing your business

For digital marketing, Social media is known as a powerful way to promote business as one can communicate directly and connect with the target audience. For many companies marketing through social media is now a necessity.